Artificial intelligence has become a top organizational priority — but many leaders remain uncertain about its consequences for work and the workforce.

Lynda Gratton, human capital expert, has a way forward. In this interactive webinar, she’ll share findings from her research on experimentation with AI. Attendees will discuss approaches to the new tech — and what issues are arising for workers and organizations.

Attendees will explore:

  • How should businesses be thinking about the AI opportunity?

  • What impact will AI have on how people do their jobs both in the near and long term?

  • Who should be leading AI initiatives inside organizations — and who is actually doing so?

Webinar Sponsored by:
Lynda Gratton
Professor, London Business School
Lynda Gratton is a professor of management practice at London Business School and founder of HSM Advisory. Her most recent book is Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organization and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone (MIT Press, 2022).
Elizabeth Heichler
Editorial Director, Magazine, MIT Sloan Management Review
Elizabeth Heichler is editorial director, magazine, at MIT Sloan Management Review. She will moderate the session.
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