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Application programming interfaces (APIs) drive every aspect of business today — and their influence will only continue to grow, as will the risks they pose to business. Join John Engates and Saikrishna Chavali of Cloudflare for a primer on what today’s business leaders need to understand about the benefits — and security concerns — of APIs. In this free one-hour webinar, moderated by business and technology journalist Wade Roush, you’ll learn:

  • What APIs are.

  • How APIs affect everything from transactions to mobile apps to supply-chain relationships.

  • What you need to know about potential data exposure from APIs.

  • What to ask your security team about mitigating API risks.

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John Engates
Field CTO, Cloudflare
Saikrishna Chavali
Senior Manager, Security Product Marketing, Cloudflare
Wade Roush
Business and Technology Journalist, Moderator