Skills dominate current conversations about how to spot, foster, and grow talent. A skills-first talent strategy sets your workforce up for long-term resilience in a world where jobs keep changing and artificial intelligence increasingly impacts work. Successful companies have aligned their skills-first practices to the entire employee journey.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why skills-first practices matter now more than ever in the age of AI.

  • Three big ideas for how to build a skills-first talent strategy.

  • Ten top measurements to focus on in your skills-first efforts.

Aneesh Raman
Vice President and Head of the Opportunity Project, LinkedIn
Aneesh Raman is vice president and head of the Opportunity Project at LinkedIn. The Opportunity Project works with leaders across the private and public sectors to build a more transparent, dynamic, and equitable global labor market in the age of AI.
Elyse Rosenblum
Founder and Managing Director, Grads of Life
Elyse Rosenblum is the founder and managing director of Grads of Life, a talent strategy consulting firm that works with leading employers to implement skills-first talent practices that deliver both business benefits and social impact.
Abbie Lundberg
Editor in Chief, MIT Sloan Management Review
Abbie Lundberg is editor in chief at MIT Sloan Management Review. She will moderate the session.